28 January 2017

On Page SEO Is Very Important

At Cheap-SEO-Service We Know The Relevance Of On Page SEO.

In this blog we want to discuss that on page SEO is very important. Every business nowadays should have a website, and in fact most do. When a business owner makes a decision to have a website built they would normally go online and look for a company that designs sites, often not realising that there is more to internet success than just merely having a site, no matter how good looking this may be

Until recently it was sufficient to place a site on the internet and add a little content and it could rank highly if it had enough backlinks. External links were all that mattered, and even if they were not of a great quality, websites could appear on the first page of google if there were enough links. At that time, if there were 200,000, it would be ranked higher than a competitor who only had for example 100,000 links.

Due to the sophistication of Google, and its updates no website will ever rank well unless it is of an excellent quality. Google wants all of its users to have a good experience when visiting sites on their search engine.

This means that all aspects of a website must appeal to its visitors, and regardless of the number of external links it will never appear on the first page of the main search engines unless every aspect appeals to people visiting the site.

First of all when visiting a website, Google and it’s users must immediately know what the website is about which means that the title tags must be relevant to the products and services on offer, as well as being clear and concise. The content must be entertaining and interesting, and it is recommended that every web page should contain a minimum of 500 words. This not only applies to the home page, but all the inner pages. It may take quite a while to write so much content, but at the end of the day, the additional profits will make it worthwhile.

For anyone who finds it too time consuming to do on page SEO to their website should consult cheap-seo-service.com who can do content for websites, blogs, press releases, etc. and after the on page SEO is perfect, we offer off page SEO and in fact a complete internet marketing service at a very affordable cost.

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