29 January 2017

Can Content Go Viral

Can Content Go Viral

Creating viral content is no easy feat and it takes dedication and patience. Your first post almost certainly won’t go viral but the more items you post, the more your chances of going viral increase. While you shouldn’t create content just for the intent of going viral, there are a few things you can do with your content to increase your viral chances.

Know Your Target
If you are writing content with the sole goal of going viral, you likely won’t succeed. if you are writing for the broad appeal of the entire Internet, you definitely won’t succeed. Know what you want to say, know who you want to say it to, and appeal to those people. Targeting the entire web says nothing about your content or you and because you will try to please everybody you will end up pleasing nobody. Stick with your core audience and you will be surprised with who they share your content with – including other people that you don’t know within the niche.

Engage and Be Engaging
One of the best ways to make a name for yourself on the Internet is to engage whenever and wherever you can by following people on Twitter, liking things on Facebook that relate to your content, and adding people in your industry on LinkedIn, to name a few. When people interact with you, return the favour by responding to tweets, retweeting relevant information, accepting friend requests, and so on. You need to make your presence known. When you get your name out there and people begin to recognize you, they may read your content based on name alone. On that note, take advantage of all the social media platforms available such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr – anything that sets you apart from the millions of other Internet users and that will help show what you are about and what you want to say.

Improve Upon What Others Are Saying
When engaging with others, try to target the people and material you are interested in creating content about and see what is popular and why it is popular. Take that information, improve upon it, and make it your own – add your own pictures, videos, witty take, and any other personalization you can think of. Brand yourself and own that brand.

Share What People Will Want to Share
This may sound fairly simple, but it is actually quite a complex process and may take the most practice. People want to share things that are important to who they are and also who they want to be seen as – people share funny pictures because they want to showcase their sense of humour and share recipes so others know they cook. Make your content not only relatable to your audience and do so in a way that they would want others to see them as. Viral content also preys upon our emotions and generally draws out a strong response from people – anger, laughter, pity, fear, and so forth. Make your content stand out from the crowd and evoke something from your readers.

Show, Don’t Tell
We are inundated with articles, stories, reviews, and so on – words, words, words! At this point, most of us know we should be wary of what we read on the Internet as anybody with any level of qualifications (including none) can publish their opinions as fact. When possible, try to show your point as opposed to discussing. If you have an amazing product, show a video of how it works. Your audience is more likely to trust, understand, and share with others when there is definitive proof of something.

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